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I am not an artist, but i am a huge fan of it (Among other things)

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What will be the fate of Hilda and Jenna? (CLOSED) 

68 deviants said The two of them become Pizza Guy's slaves
23 deviants said They manage to escape and take their revenge


Beauties and the Beach by pizzanerd1
Beauties and the Beach
I love being at the beach, where beautiful babes hang out and I try and get a tan. Hanging out with Chelsea on the beach is nice, but being there with Kim as well is twice as memorable.

:iconmember9: Made the artwork
:iconpizzanerd1: Owns Pizza Guy, Chelsea & Kimberly

More Babewatching: Beauty and the Beach by pizzanerd1
A few months ago I wrote a story and commissioned a pic to go along with the "I know what Ubergirl did this summer" contest run by :iconthestonemiester1: and the time has come for the votes to decide on the winner.…

Head to the poll and help me come out on top by voting for my story to win.
Secret Desires 02 by pizzanerd1
Secret Desires 02
Chelsea was looking forward to this day, where she could drag the man to the police station and have them lock the man away for all the crimes he's committed. Sure he's been capturing other villainesses which has been making the job of the heroines in Noble City easier, but has been doing this and expanding his criminal empire while doing so.

With her sights set on the man, Chelsea knew that there was only the Pizza Guy and Jade in the airplane hanger. What the blonde amazon, nor any of the other amazons from the academy knew was that the blue haired vixen wasn't being held against her will....

And Chelsea found that out too late.

The amazon she once knew as Jade grabbed her arms and pinned them painfully behind her back. Chelsea even with the super strength she recieved while in possession of her golden lasso of truth couldn't break the grip Jade had her in. Lightly giggling with her arms tightly holding onto the blonde amazon Virago said "He's right you know, i'm nobodies prisoner."

"Jade! What in Hera's name are you doing?" Chelsea exclaimed as she fought to break the grip of the woman behind her as the man crept closer with each second.

"I'm not Jade anymore you stupid blonde, the name is Virago now. Thanks for answering my distress call, and not bringing backup." Virago said as she was losing her temper with the busty blonde. Being a former amazon Virago knew how they operated and knew Chelsea had came alone.

"Told ya so. Hope you don't mind but I need to borrow this." Pizza Guy as he reached to Chelsea's lasso and while she was unable to put up a fight took from her the source of her powers: The magical golden lasso of truth.


Previous: Secret Desires 01 by pizzanerd1


Uh-oh, things went south real quick for Chelsea.

So Chelsea has walked into a trap, and had her lasso confiscated. If that wasn't bad enough she is at the mercy of two villains, one of which has made her a plaything on more then one occasion. Virago being a former amazon knows their back-up proceedures and knows that the blonde didn't bring any backup and is all alone.

Could things get any worse?

:iconpizzanerd1: Owns Pizza Guy, Chelsea & Virago/Jade
:iconlordsnot: Did the artwork and slipped on a banana


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