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I am not an artist, but i am a huge fan of it (Among other things)

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What will be the fate of Hilda and Jenna? (CLOSED) 

70 deviants said The two of them become Pizza Guy's slaves
23 deviants said They manage to escape and take their revenge


So lately I haven't had any motivation. I seriously struggled to write anything for my latest pic it's not even funny. I even can't find myself able to write a story for an amazing gift I got a while back.
Secret Desires 04 by pizzanerd1
Secret Desires 04
Dropping to her knees Chelsea knew she was in trouble.

Even though Virago had released her, Chelsea knew that the fallen amazon was lurking nearby ready to pounce on her. The golden lasso that was not only the source of her powers had been taken from her, but was being used against her by the man who her fellow amazons teased was her husband. Now on her knees as she looked up at the man with pleeful cerculean blue eyes she tried her best to resist the command Pizza Guy ordered her to answer as she knew it would be her undoing.

"I... enjoy to be chloroformed and groped. I sometimes do it myself... with a bottle and rag I have hidden under my bed." Chelsea said.

Seeing the shit-eating grin on the mans face Chelsea knew she was in serious trouble. Staring into her eyes Pizza Guy asked "Were you hoping i'd capture you when you came here tonight?"

"Yes, knock me out please." Chelsea said


Previous: Secret Desires 03 by pizzanerd1


Uh-oh, looks like Chelsea told the man her litle secrets.

:iconlordsnot: Made the artwork
:iconpizzanerd1: Owns Pizza Guy & Chelsea

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Ladyrock had been on the trail of an elusive crook known only by witnesses as Pizza Guy. According to people the crook would play a kinky cat and mouse knockout game as he dresses his female victims in skimpy clothing before knocking them out the rest of the night. Many people were worried they'd be next and the tall Ladyrock knew that there was no way she could let a pervert like this running freely in her town.

Standing atop a house Ladyrock overlook the house her sources said the man would strike next. She managed to convince the occupants to stay in a hotel for the next few days so they wouldn't have to deal with their facing such a disgusting pervert. Siding close to the chimney to avoid the early night wind as she kept a visual on the home. It had been less then an hour since the sun set when a small white truck pulled in front of the house. Focusing on the door the man fit the descriptions of the man known as the Pizza Guy as he carried a pizza box in his hands.

Watching the man ring the bell and not get a response from within he set the box down and picked the lock to the house and walked in. Smirking Ladyrock leapt off the roof and walked to the back door and opened it and marched in. As her high heeled boots clacked on the tiled floor she heard the man around the corner when suddenly he stepped out and fired a dart gun at her.

Ladyrock didn't bother resist defending herself as the dart flew across the room and his her square in the chest before bouncing off harmlessly. Looking at the man with a bored look she said "Did you just try to shoot me with that?" as she slowly begun to stride forward with her arms hanging at her sides.

The Pizza Guy's eyes widened with fear as he fired tranquilizers one after another at the superheroine, and watched in horror as each fell to the floor harmlessly. The moment the gun was empty he threw the gun at the heroine as it bounced off her forehead as she said "Like that was going to work." as she smacked the man and knocked him across the living room and into a wall.

Watching the man crawl Ladyrock was going to stop him when she saw him open the box of pizza he had brought with him. Smirking the heroine towered over the man running a hand through her new haircut and said "Yeah go ahead and eat your pizza, last one you'll be getting for the next ten years."

"That's what you think." Pizza Guy said as he reached into the pizza box and threw an entire uncut pizza at Ladyrock. The pizza splattered onto the head and chest of the superheroine and stained her face with pizza sauce as bits of cheese hung from her short blonde hair.

Reaching up to her face and wiped away the pizza Ladyrock said in a quiet voice "Did you seriously just throw a pizza at... me?" as she tried to take a step forward but found her body weak before she fell to her knees in front of the man.

Standing up as he rubbed his back Pizza Guy said "The pizza had a chemical mixed in the sauce, it's harmless when inhaled but whether you eat it or it soaks into your skin will be just as effective as roofies." as he watched joyfully as the tall superheroine tried to crawl away on all fours. Before she could make it to the door Pizza Guy shoved his foot into her ass and knocked her down and said "Do us both a favor and pass out." as he knelt behind Ladyrock as his hands ran over the back of her suit.

Ladyrock could feel what the man was doing as she struggled to get away, she couldn't even send an SOS to any of her companions. Just as her eyes begun to flutter shut she heard the man say he may have something just for her.


Opening her eyes Ladyrock tried to shake the cobwebs out of her head as she stared up at the ceiling of the house. Raising a hand to her face as she wiped away some of the sweat covering her face she realized her gloves were missing. Running her hand down her neck her eyes grew wider with each inch before she slowly sat up and saw what she was now wearing. While she had been unconscious the man stripped her naked and cleaned the pizza gunk off of her, and afterwards dressed her up in a black one piece bunny girl suit with sleek silvery pantyhose stretched tightly over her long legs and a pair of bunny ears on her head..

Glaring Ladyrock rolled over to try to get up, however as she stumbled to get to her knees she accidentally knocked a lamp off a nearby table and sent it to the floor. As she paid little attention to the loud shattering the blue eyes of Ladyrock focused on the front door as she knew that if she could get outside she could make her way back home. Just before she put her hand on the door handle she was grabbed from behind as an arm grabbed her arm preventing her escape as another shoved a vial into her mouth and forced her to swallow the contents inside.

Dropping to the floor Ladyrock coughed as she fell flat on her chest as the Pizza Guy stood over her as he said "My how the tide has turned. You came here to stop me from stealing stuff and groping on some hotties but now your the one in need of a rescue." as he forced the heroine over and to a sitting position.

"What did you make me drink?" Ladyrock demanded as she grabbed him shirt and held him closely

"Ooh just a little paralytic, should make your body and nice and limp for an hour or two." Pizza Guy said wrestling his clothes out of the grip of the heroine as she begun to feel the effects.

The eyes of Ladyrock grew wide as she said incredibly "You drugged me... you changed me into this..." before her expression turned from disbelief to hatred as she snarled "You'll never get away with this you sick freak."

"Yeah yeah, how many times have I heard that one?" Pizza Guy said as he stood up and locked the front door. Turning to the heroine he wrapped his arms around her and begun to lift her to his feet with difficulty as he buckled under her size and weight. He slowly dragged Ladyrock to a couch and dropped her on top the couch as he breathed heavily.

"What's wrong, can't handle a real woman." Ladyrock said as her head rolled back against the couch cushions.

Laughing lightly Pizza Guy said "Ooh I can handle a woman like you no problem." as he sat down beside her and ran his hands up and down along the heroine's scantily clad body. The man took great pleasure in watching as Ladyrock's face grew redder the longer his hands explored her unresisting body.

"You... you have to resort to drugs to do this, your such a.... a creep." Ladyrock said as the blush on her face grew brighter and brighter.

Leaning in closely Pizza Guy whispered "And there's no way you'd let a guy get this close." as he bent in and forced his lips upon her own.

Ladyrock's eyes grew wide as her vision became obscured by the man as he forced himself onto herself. Unable to fight back the heroine just sat there forced to allow the man to do whatever he wished as he kissed her. A few moments passed when Ladyrock begun to feel her eyes lightly shut, and as her arms wrapped around the mans neck the only thing she could think of was 'I can't possibly be enjoying this...'

Breaking the kiss Pizza Guy exclaimed "The drugs can't possibly be wearing off already!" as he scurried away from Ladyrock before she realized her arms were hanging up in the air in front of her.

Looking at the man Ladyrock realized that indeed her arms were up and she could move her fingers. As she saw him reaching into a bag lying on the floor the bunny suit clad heroine said "Ooh you are so in for it now." as she tried to get to her pantyhose clad feet.

"I don't think I can handle you at full power, so I think i'll take my leave." Pizza Guy said as he batted away Ladyrock's arms as he shoved a rag doused in chloroform onto her face and said "Even though the drugs are wearing off your as strong as a normal woman, so take a good long nap so I can escape."

Ladyrock smacked the man as she was forced to breathe in the nauseous fumes. Looking up at him as her eyes begun to grow hazy she grabbed him by the shirt one last time before her grab slackened and her hands fell in her lap as all she could do was inhale the drugs as she fell blissfully asleep in his arms.


Opening her eyes Ladyrock found herself still wearing the bunny girl suit as she laid on the couch. Looking around the room the heroine realized that she had been left alone while the man most likely escaped. As she sat up Ladyrock looked at the door and found a note pinned to it, slowly getting to her pantyhose clad feet she carefully walked over and took the note that was addressed to her.

    Dear Ladyrock
Thank you for the afternoon of wonderful entertainment.
It's a shame you don't show off those nice legs more
often, I could get used to seeing them walking around.
If you ever want to hang up the cape I could use that
nice ass of yours in one of my business fronts.

Of course clothing is optional, like the photos I took :P
Pizza Guy

PS. I liked your old hairstyle better

Shaking with rage Ladyrock looked at the letter as she read the letter over and over again, only imaging what sick and twisted photos the man took while she was asleep. Looking around for her clothes found that that had been stolen while he escaped, most likely to hang on his wall like a trophy. Looking at the clock she realized the man had over an hour head start as she ripped open the door as she growled "When I see that.... that man again I am going to beat him to a bloody pulp with his own arms."


Sitting in his Noble City home Pizza Guy looked through the pictures he took that day with the wonderful Ladyrock. He wondered whether he should post them online or sell them to the local newspaper, but in the end he decided to keep all the wonderful pictures to himself. As he closed his laptop he gazed up at the frame hanging on the wall over his desk, where three frames stood with the uniforms of heroines he's had the pleasure of meeting. His newest addition to his collection was the uniform of Ladyrock

Turning off the lights Pizza Guy didn't bother getting undressed as he collapsed onto the bed, images of Ladyrock floating through his mind.

He started to think about all that happened today and laugh a little. "Am I a fool or just crazy? I mean, that woman is more powerful then I imagined, probably has the power of a entire army... and I barely had any protection against her... ha ha ha... but she is worth the risk! She really is worth it."

As he closed his eyes and drifted to sleep his last thoughts were 'Next time we meet Ladyrock, i'll make you my bunny slave and lover...'
Bunny Rock
So Pizza Guy has been trying to think how to bring down Ladyrock to his level, and with the story he does just that. Question is will they ever cross paths again, and if so will their encounter last longer?

:icontheladyrock: owns Ladyrock
:iconpizzanerd1: Owns Pizza Guy


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