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I am not an artist, but i am a huge fan of it (Among other things)

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What will be the fate of Hilda and Jenna? (CLOSED) 

66 deviants said The two of them become Pizza Guy's slaves
23 deviants said They manage to escape and take their revenge


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Presents for Villainesses part 5
The next morning all three villainesses stood in the basement of the Pizza Guy. All three of them spent a night strapped within one of the slave programmers that he had stolen from an alien slavers known as the Grigori. With the stolen technology in his possession he put Hypnotica, Demonica & Lesbonica into the machines and left them to sleep while the programming was inserted overnight. Upon awaking they found orders for them to strip off the clothing they were renown for wearing and change into sleek black bikinis that Pizza Guy wanted them to wear, ones that he made his enslaved villainesses wear for his enjoyment.

Demonica had undergone this same hypnotic programming once before, however how it happened last time was not done by the Pizza Guy. The villainess had an idea to dress up as an amazon to destroy the heroines credibility by committing crimes, but that was until she was captured. Now on this occasion she would not be released by her friends who stood along side her.

While Hypnotica and Lesbonica each held the Pizza Guy in high respect, neither one of them were subjected to such an event until now. They had joined with the man in various heists, and on more then one occasion found themselves in his bed along with Demonica. Normally the process would have no effect on Hypnotica with her own brand of hypnotic abilities, but with the ring still on their fingers the process went on unimpeded.

Upon entering the room the next morning Pizza Guy found all three standing their waiting for him. The three women turned to face the man as Demonica said "Our slave programming is complete Master, we are ready to serve you."

"The three of us are prepared to join your harem." Hypnotica said she finished adjusting her thong bikini. With her hypnotized the Pizza Guy believed that there was no way that any of them would be able to escape. As long as the brunette villainess was kept under control he knew that she wouldn't be able to follow up on her previous threat of turning his brain to pudding.

Lesbonica turned to face the man and said "While we may be villainesses, when we're with you we are your servants." When the Pizza Guy heard her words it made him wonder whether or not he would ever let any of them go, especially if they continued to look as desirable as they did at that moment.

Demonica smiled as her eyes were fixed on the Pizza Guy as she said "Order us to do anything and we shall obey." as she slowly begun to walk towards the man.


Previous: Presents For Villainesses part 4 by pizzanerd1

The end to an amazing short story with a phenomenal cast of guests.

So it looks like Pizza Guy has expanded his group of villainess harem girls. It's unclear how all the heroes and heroines feel about this, since most likely they have no clue what is happening. All we know is that the Pizza Guy has imprisoned several villainesses and makes them hang around his base in stunning outfits.

Perhaps when the amazons find Pizza Guy's next time they'll get some answers.... maybe...

:iconottorussell: Owns Demonica, Hypnotica & Lesbonica
:iconlordsnot: Made the artwork
:iconpizzanerd1: Owns Pizza Guy

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It has not been an easy few days for the superheroine Galaxy and her companions. With more heroines disappearing it put many of them on edge as they wondered if any of them would be next. It all started as they were investigating several missing woman and when they followed a lead they would disappear without a trace. It didn't seem like anyone went missing unless they tried to follow this case, so now sidekicks were dealing with regular duties while the experienced heroes and heroines investigated this.

Galaxy jumped from the rooftops with her stomach growling from the lack of nutrition the whole night. Finally deciding to get something to eat she noticed a pizza restaurant a few heroines have mentioned was good. Leaping down on the deserted sidewalk she entered just as an beautiful blonde haired employee with a sizeable belly bump came to the door holding a pair of keys. Realizing the late time Galaxy said "Ooh I had no idea you were closed."

"Ooh nonsense, I would never hear the end the end from my boss if I turned away a superheroine." The pregnant employee said as she took the superheroine to the booth right next to the kitchen and called out to the manager "Hey Boss, I need a pizza Asap."

The owner of the pizza restaurant peeked his head out from the kitchen and saw the masked superheroine and said "Ooh welcome to my shop. My name is Steve and I see you've already met my number one employee Lara." as he nodded to the pregnant blonde woman making her way back to the kitchen.

"Well i'd like a pepperoni pizza if it's not too much to ask." Galaxy said

"You got it." Steve said as he hurried to the kitchen and begun to make a fresh pizza.

Minutes ticked by and the smell of a fresh baked pizza made it's way to Luna's nose. Just as she saw the pregnant Lara coming towards her with a pizza in hand, the communicator in her ear went off with an emergency alert.

"Calling any available heroes, I've found a fresh lead on the missing heroines. Is any in range of this transmission?" The voice of the Polish Powerhouse Cracovia called out on all frequencies.

Putting a hand to her ear Luna said "This is Galaxy, I can barely hear you Cracovia. Do you need assistance?"

"Yes, since I've tracked the criminal who captured them to an old abandoned magic factory on the outskirts northeast of Noble City." Cracovia said

"Alright, I can be there in five minutes." Galaxy said as she stood up right as Lara placed the pizza on the table

"Here is your fresh baked pizza." Lara said

"I'm sorry, but something big came up." Galaxy said getting to her feet. Turning back she said "I'll be sure to come back another time." as she ran out of the door.

Coming out of the kitchen Steve said "Ooh shoot, guess she had to run. Well since she had to leave why don't enjoy the pizza Lara?"

"Sure boss, i'm hungry." Lara said as she sat down and ate a few slices of the pizza as Steve shut the blinds to the restaurant. Before the pregnant blonde had finished her second slice she felt her head growing heavy as she begun to slide out of the booth. Thankfully for Lara she was caught by her boss who begun to drag her into the back of the restaurant.

"Won't be long now." Steve said as he laid the drugged Lara on a steel table in the back and rubbed her belly. As he felt a kick he wondered whether they should stay late that night.


Galaxy approached the line of bushes and trees she said to meet at and found Cracovia kneeling down observing the warehouse with a pair of tiny binoculars. Getting on the ground beside her Galaxy said "So this is the place. What have you seen since you got here?"

"Not much." Cracovia as she passed over the binoculars "I saw the suspect go in and out, bringing in large amounts of pizza boxes. He doesn't look like he'll be too much trouble, but he has two hypnotized bunny girls and a woman that troubles me."

"What kind of woman?" Galaxy asked looking for any sign of people around the building.

"She matches a description of an amazon that turned into a villainess after being missing for months. She calls herself Virago now." Cracovia said

Not believing her ears Galaxy said "That explains a few things. So this Virago chick was the one that beat our comrades. Maybe we should request more help."

"I was lucky to get ahold of you, communication signal out here is terrible. I can stand toe to toe against her, you focus on attacking from a distance and i'll get her in close and knock her out." Cracovia

Believing it was a solid enough plan Galaxy and Cracovia strode up to the main door of the factory and ripped the heavy metal door to the shipping area apart and stormed in. They were expecting to be met with a bunch of dusty old shelves in the condemned building but found only wooden crates inside. Opening one of the boxes Galaxy looked inside and found a ton of bottles labeled 'Chloroform'.

"Looks like this guy likes to sneak up on his opponents." Galaxy said showing the bottle. Keeping an eye on Cracovia as well as over her shoulders in case he tried a sneak attack of some kind.

"Your right, we should keep an eye on our backs. No telling when the man will try and pull something." Cracovia said

However before either of them could make any further plans a shadow grew over the box of chloroform. Before either heroine could react a figure landed on top and looked at the women with cold green eyes. Galaxy realized this must be Virago, but before either could do anything they saw the blue haired villainess reach into the crate as she said "Ooh my, looks like two big tit bimbos came to do some investigating, too bad you won't be doing any." As he took a bottle from the crate and threw it straight at the face of Cracovia.

The glass jar shattered against Cracovia's masked forehead and drenched her head and neck with large amounts of chloroform. As she witnessed Galaxy jump forward to attack Virago the only thing Ola could smell was the nauseous smell of the drugs as she grew weaker with every breath she took.

Galaxy knew that she had a major disadvantage fighting someone with amazon training close range in hand to hand. As she begun to build up energy in her palms Luna had an idea that seemed good in theory, but before she could act on the plan something sharp stuck her in the back. At first she thought that it was a mosquito or a wooden crate, but without warning thousands of volts shot through her body causing her to cry out in pain.

Falling flat on her face Luna looked up at Virago smirking as she stood above her. As her body twitched looking past the villainess Luna saw Cracovia lying against a crate as her eyes fluttered shut. Knowing they were in trouble she felt a hand run her back saying "Two more heroines. I've heard a few stories about the muscular chick but I've never heard anything about this lovely doll."

With her body twitching lightly Galaxy got to her hands and knees as she said "Well get ready, cause this doll and my friend are going to put you two in the big house."

"Hey Pizza Guy this chick actually thinks she and her buddy can fight us?" Virago said laughing as she knelt down and whispered "Thing is sweetheart... neither of us play fair." before delivering a wicked kick to the back of the head of Galaxy and knocked her out cold.

Pizza Guy picked up the sleeping form for Galaxy and said "You might want to put on a gas mask before you take Cracovia to the basement. Since she's covered in chloroform why don't we put our masked friend here on top and stuff her face in her cleavage, that should keep both of them out for a little bit. I gotta ask was that some kind of slice kick?"

Sticking her tongue at the man Virago said "That's a good name for it." as she watched the man walk off with Galaxy in his arms before pulling Cracovia to the dungeons.


Sitting in the Swirly Bunny Club later that night Pizza Guy was slightly disappointed at the events that unfolded that day. They left the two sleeping heroines alone in the dungeon, anxiously waiting for more opportunities to torment the heroines. However with an entire bottle of chloroform drenched on Cracovia's uniform and humorously laying Galaxy on top with her face buried in the chest of the Polish Powerhouse both women were out for hours.

Seeing an entire day wasted Virago and Pizza Guy took the heroines to the Spiral Bunny Club. Dropping them off they had a troublesome time explaining that both heroines were still in excellent shape, just completely drugged out of their minds. Galaxy begun to woke up briefly but was zapped into unconsciousness with a stun gun to the back of the neck before being dragged off with Cracovia for a 'job training' seminar.

Sitting in his favorite chair Pizza Guy's stomach begun roaring with anger, wanting delicious cheesy goodness. Just as he was about to go hunt down Virago and drag her out of there before some loser tried to make a move on his prized servant two bunny girl figures walked around the chair and into his view. Just as he was about to pull them towards him and get himself a double lapdance he realized who they were.... his hypnotized plaything Chelsea and his partner Virago!

"So tell me, how does this look on me?" Virago asked as she did a little dance in the blue bunny suit and matching shoes for the man along with Chelsea in her usual black attire. Seeing the dumbfounded look on Pizza Guy's face she said "I borrowed it from the dressing room when I put in our pizza order. Well tonight you get to take two bunnies home."

"The pizzas will be here ready for pickup in just a moment." Chelsea said wrapping arms around Virago as the two of them swayed intimately before the man's eyes. Many of the patrons in the club were throwing the man jealous and hateful looks that he had both lovely bunnies all to himself. The pain in Pizza Guy's stomach subsided as he watched the two bunnies dance for his enjoyment.

Before Pizza Guy could say or do anything to enjoy the moment a barmaid waved to Chelsea. Seeing this the hypnotized blonde bunny amazon said "It seems like the pizza is ready." As she pulled the man out of the chair and taking hold of one arm while Virago took hold of his other. The two looked at one another briefly as the man begun to steer their way to the bar where his precious pizzas were at.

Having wrestled the two women out of the club and away from the usual perverts that wanted a private dance with the black and blue bunnies, but when one tried to cop a feel of Virago she beat that man until he was black and blue. With Chelsea in the backseat man loaded the pizzas in the truck as the villainess came around and ran a finger down his back and said "Maybe after what happens tonight, you'll end up making a Pizza Gal." as she got into the car.
A Few More Bunnies for the Flock
I love adding more lovely bunnies to the flock of brainwashed beauties, and two that would be perfect would be Cracovia and Galaxy. Course I wanted to have a little tease to Spectra the Pregnant Pizza Slut 

:iconpizzanerd1: Wrote the story and Owns Pizza Guy, Virago & Chelsea Wonders
:iconcracoviia: Owns Cracovia
:iconladydreammaker: Owns Galaxy
:iconspectra-the-mighty: Owns Spectra


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